The Collegium Hermeticum (C.H.) is an organization that provides a medium of sharing in the Mysteries among Initiatory Orders, Societies, and Churches. As such, the Collegium Hermeticum is not an umbrella Organization, nor does it have any governing power on any of the Orders and Societies working with it. It is simply a provider of locations called Colleges where members of various groups can meet and share experiences in neutral “cross-order” settings.

The purpose of the C.H. is to provide its students with an opportunity to discover and simultaneously access multiple traditional esoteric systems. It sets a common ground of interaction for various currents and streams to manifest their teachings and egregores in an environment where the students can discover them, and if so inclined, explore them.

Here are some of the currents and traditions found in the Collegium Hermeticum, as well as some of the Orders and Societies that manifest them:













The Collegium Hermeticum accepts students of any gender, race, religion, or political affiliation on an equal basis. Applicants must be of adult age as prescribed in the country from which they apply as well as having active membership in one or more of the Orders/Societies listed on its site. Correspondence membership in the C.H. is possible. The International Headquarters are bound to the location of its Head, the Chancellor. The various C.H. Colleges are themselves bound to cities and are managed by College Secretaries.

The Collegium Hermeticum publishes a periodical magazine with content provided by Initiates of the various Orders. When published, this magazine is distributed to all active C.H. Students. Membership in the C.H. also gives full time access to its Colleges and students may visit any time they wish to go, provided arrangements are made with a local Secretary. Those travelling from abroad can be lodged free of charge at any College for the duration of their stay. This will of course facilitate any travelling for Initiations and consecrations into various currents. Most Colleges are equipped with ceremonial rooms, sleeping quarters, libraries, study halls, as well as kitchens, and dining areas for feasts and banquets.

The cost for membership in the C.H. is $25 USD per year and grants access to the following:

  1. C.H. Private Facebook Group
  2. All Colleges for lodging, practice, and study
  3. The C.H. Magazine, The Ennead
  4. C.H. Events (i.e. International Conclaves, Lectures)

Joining the Collegium Hermeticum

To apply for membership in the Collegium Hermeticum, please fill out the following registration form and provide the required attachments. Upon completion, click ‘submit form’ and you will be re-directed to a paypal login page. By logging in and accepting the terms and conditions, you are subscribing to our yearly membership dues starting on the date of application. This will continue every year on the same date until cancelled by you or C.H. administration. Continued membership in the C.H. will grant you access to all our Colleges and services of the CH listed above.

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